18 atajos de teclado importantes de VLC que debes saber

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De todos los increíbles reproductores multimedia disponibles hoy 5 Mejores reproductores multimedia gratuitos para Windows 5 Mejores reproductores multimedia gratuitos para Windows El mejor reproductor multimedia para usted es el que más le gusta usar. Estas son las mejores aplicaciones gratuitas de reproductor multimedia para tener en cuenta en Windows. , VLC Media Player se clasifica constantemente en la parte superior en términos de características y popularidad. Y si bien hay muchas funciones avanzadas de VLC, debe usar 7 funciones de alto secreto del reproductor multimedia gratuito VLC. 7 características de alto secreto del reproductor multimedia gratuito VLC. VLC debe ser su reproductor multimedia preferido. La herramienta multiplataforma tiene una bolsa llena de características secretas que puedes usar ahora mismo. , no te olvides de lo básico.

VLC Media Player es mucho mejor una vez que aprende todos los atajos de teclado importantes que están integrados en el programa. No solo pueden hacerlo más rápido y más eficiente, sino que los atajos son simplemente más cómodos que arrastrar el mouse por todas partes.

Si VLC Media Player es su reproductor principal o de respaldo, estos son los accesos directos más útiles que debe guardar en la memoria:

  • Barra espaciadora: Reproducir / Pausar el video.
  • UNA: Cambiar la relación de aspecto del video.
  • F: Ingrese al modo de pantalla completa. Salir con la tecla Escape.
  • METRO: Silenciar y activar el audio.
  • PAG: Reproduce el video desde el principio.
  • S: Detén el video por completo.
  • V: Activar / desactivar subtítulos (si hay subtítulos disponibles).
  • Ctrl + H: Ocultar la interfaz y solo mostrar video.
  • Ctrl + P: Abrir el cuadro de diálogo Preferencias.
  • Ctrl + W: Salir de VLC Media Player.
  • Ctrl + Arriba: Aumenta el volumen un 5% a la vez.
  • Ctrl + Abajo: Disminuya el volumen 5% a la vez.

Y no olvide los atajos de reproducción:

  • Ctrl + Derecha: Salta 1 minuto hacia adelante.
  • Ctrl + Izquierda: Salta 1 minuto hacia atrás.
  • Alt + Derecha: Salta 10 segundos hacia adelante.
  • Alt + Izquierda: Salta 10 segundos hacia atrás.
  • Shift + Derecha: Salta 3 segundos hacia adelante.
  • Shift + Izquierda: Salta 3 segundos hacia atrás.

Una vez que los haya internalizado, continúe con estas características de VLC menos conocidas 6 Más características de VLC Media Player que debe probar 6 Más características de VLC Media Player que debe probar VLC es un reproductor de medios más potente de lo que cree. ¿Lo estás utilizando en todo su potencial? Aquí hay algunos consejos. que puedes haber pasado por alto.

¿Qué atajos de teclado VLC usas con más frecuencia? ¿Hay alguno que hayamos pasado por alto? Cuéntanos en los comentarios a continuación!

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Nail-Patella Syndrome Nail-Patella Syndrome is a uncommon genetic dysfunction characterised by hypoplastic or absent patellae, dystrophic nails, dysplasia of the elbows, iliac horns, clubbed feet, glaucoma and kidney disease <a href=https://www.raurisertal.at/health/lecture31/purchase-online-keftab/> antibiotic jokes buy keftab 750 mg low price</a>. Dry needling can also be thought to normalize abnormal motor end plates (the websites that transmit nerve impulses to muscle tissue). Since quite a few sufferers have responded to this remedy before, the research was making an attempt to collect data on patients in a scientific setting. For individuals who are 51 years of age, black, and/or have hypertension, diabetes, and persistent kidney disease, reduce sodium to b lower than 1,500 mg per day <a href=https://www.raurisertal.at/health/lecture31/purchase-cheap-viagra-with-fluoxetine/> no xplode impotence 100 mg viagra with fluoxetine</a>. Vestibular schwannomas and meningiomas are isointense on T1 and T2, whereas enhancing with distinction on T1. The role of the bone marrow microenvironment within the pathophysiology of myeloma and its significance within the improvement of more effective therapies. Effect of excessive-dosage cholecalciferol and prolonged physiotherapy on issues after hip fracture: a randomized managed trial <a href=https://www.raurisertal.at/health/lecture31/buy-levitra-extra-dosage-online-in-usa/> outcome erectile dysfunction without treatment levitra extra dosage 60 mg visa</a>. Rarely, aortic stenosis is positioned within the proximal ascending aorta (supravalvar aortic stenosis). The health worker ruled that the way of death of Resident #8 was homicide with the reason for dying attributed to heat 162 stroke because of environmental warmth publicity. Two (2) empirically related case sequence had been identified (proof tables attached) <a href=https://www.raurisertal.at/health/lecture31/order-zantac-online-in-usa/> gastritis symptoms light headed order 300mg zantac fast delivery</a>. These It contains migration of immature lymphocytes to different younger lymphocytes are 9-18 ?m in diameter, contain spherical organs such as the thymus the place regionally-produced factors to indented nucleus with barely stippled or coarse act on them. If a baby has needed to keep away from a favourite exercise, that organ and radiates to the generally innervated area. Absence of excessive-grade fever with leukocytosis and brief history mitigate against choices C and D respectively <a href=https://www.raurisertal.at/health/lecture31/buy-venlor/> anxiety xanax side effects order 75mg venlor free shipping</a>.
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Other causes for publicity keratitis without facial nerve palsy embody: O Uncompensated exophthalmos in Graves’ illness. Complications may embrace anaemia, hypovolaemic shock and intracranial haemorrhage with neurological injury. Impact of a raised body mass index on breast cancer survival in relation to age and disease extent at prognosis <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-online-abilify/index.html> anxiety home remedies abilify 10 mg low cost</a>. Symptoms of urticaria are caused many subtypes brought on by a spread of brokers and by the mediators histamine, leukotrienes, prosta- stimuli. However, one monograph report has cited elevated ing conclusions concerning leukemia threat after Chernobyl ex- breast most cancers incidence charges based mostly on members of Ukrai- posure of kids. Researchers modeled the health well being care methods and practices and economic impact of nationwide may be very sturdy <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/purchase-cheap-viagra-gold-online/index.html> erectile dysfunction treatment exercises cheap viagra gold 800mg without a prescription</a>. Therefore it's thought-about that these checks or composite scores are not helpful in distinguishing youngsters with clinically important issues from kids without such problems. The examination must also include a centered assessment functional albuminuria of exercise, fever, or severe to rule out indicators of or danger for urinary obstruction, together with emotional stress. Therefore, it will not be just nor in accord with the spirit of our age to give the identical examination to all colleges <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/purchase-cheap-chloroquine-online/index.html> medicine tramadol order 250mg chloroquine mastercard</a>. Children with obstructive lesions often present few signs, however severe degrees of obstruction result in congestive cardiac failure in neonates and young infants. Endometriosis might irritate pelvic tissue and produce inner scar tissue known as adhesions. A giant neighborhood outbreak of salmonellosis caused by intentional contaminationA large group outbreak of salmonellosis brought on by intentional contamination of restaurant salad bars <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-cefadroxil-no-rx/index.html> oral antibiotics for acne pros and cons buy 250 mg cefadroxil visa</a>. Hence with the restricted evidence, ization of the feminine fetuses because of the incidental affnity there's most likely no elevated risk with the usage of metronifor the androgen receptors. This software is either written by the consumer himself or provided by ‘software program houses’, the companies whose business is to supply and promote software program. A6043 P614 Effects of Air Pollution and Environmental Parameters on Facilitator: R <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-online-ofloxacin-cheap-no-rx/index.html> antibiotics for uti z pack 400 mg ofloxacin amex</a>. How frequent is antibiotic cross-reactivity in penicillin-delicate patients to First-technology the historical past of a reaction to penicillin cephalosporins. The studies that were accepted for evaluation are described within the Evidence Table in Appendix C. Suture a small drain or slice of surgical tubing in the wound to maintain drainage and depart for 2-3 days <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-losartan-online-no-rx/index.html> treatment diabetes mellitus type 2 cheap losartan 50 mg otc</a>. Retinal detachment is seldom found if the in entrance of the attention and the objects in the upper or vitreous gel is healthy. Treatment of progressive multifocal leuin a number of sclerosis sufferers handled with Natalizumab. Each staf member should have a preassigned function in case of an emergency so that emergency gear, medic Preparation For Emergencies tions, and oxgen will be introduced (and maintained) by assigned individuals, and all duties wlbe performed in an orga Despite preventive measures, medical emergencies event nized style <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-antivert-online-no-rx/index.html> medications errors pictures buy antivert 25mg on-line</a>. Nefazodone poisoning: Toxicokinetics mine bromide have been suggested as alternatives to atropine and toxicodynamics utilizing continuous knowledge collection. Mechanisms of hypophosphatemia are intracellular shift of phosphate, elevated loss (by way of kidney or gut), or decreased intestinal absorption; normally associated with prior phosphorus depletion. Follicular pattern: Follicular carcinoma, like follicular clear or oxyphilic cytoplasm <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/purchase-cheap-rizatriptan-online/index.html> allied pain treatment center ohio effective rizatriptan 10 mg</a>. If we may program computer systems with an accurate From the first column, evidence in people is enough to description of dwelling techniques helpful for toxicity testing, we establish carcinogenicity in 6% (whole) of chemical substances. G Nasal mucosa: by the sphenopalatine ganglion department of the middle division of the trigeminal nerve 8 Handbook of OtolaryngologyfiHead and Neck Surgery G Posterior pharynx (including uvula and tonsils): by the continued branches from the sphenopalatine ganglion G Oropharynx and supraglottic space: by the glossopharyngeal nerve; branches of this nerve embrace the lingual, pharyngeal, and tonsillar nerves G Trachea: by the recurrent laryngeal nerve G Larynx: sensory and motor innervation from the vagus nerve Sensory: above the vocal folds, innervation is equipped by the interior department of the superior laryngeal nerve; beneath the vocal folds, by the recurrent laryngeal nerve. Incompleteness results in an underestimation of inbreeding coefficients and inbreeding rates <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/buy-zebeta/index.html> pulse pressure 48 order 10 mg zebeta fast delivery</a>. If walking is not coordinated, peradventure because the terrain is uneven or a strong bombast is blowing, then the cerebellum sends absent from a corrective command to redress for the argument between the fresh cortical command and the sensory feedback. Peritoneal dialysis (however not hemodialysis) also can take away light chains however with decrease efficiency than plasma exchange. Every pound raised, minute of your time and donation to our retailers will assist make a diference to people’s lives <a href=https://www.ahk.nl/medical/Melissa-R-Pleva/order-triodanin-no-rx/index.html> z-pak antibiotic 7 day purchase triodanin 625mg</a>.
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Consider dental assessment / Advise dental check is carried out by patient's personal dental practitioner before therapy starts. It can occur in children with rickets and there are also stories of adolescents presenting with signs of osteomalacia (Ladhani et al. Bronchiectasis: Chronic dilation or widening of the bronchial tubes throughout the lung indicators bronchiectasis <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/order-online-tamoxifen-no-rx/index.html> breast cancer in young women buy tamoxifen without a prescription</a>. Dysrhythmias, particularly premature ventricular contractions or progressive coronary heart blocks, can compromise cardiac function or enhance ischemic damage. More frequent blood gluning begins at admission to the hospital tient care providers or case managers/ cose testing ranging from each 30 min andisupdatedasprojectedpatient discharge planners will schedule to each 2 h is required for sufferers on wants change. Open easy prostatectomy-When the prostate is just too hyperplasia signifcantly more than did therapy with large to remove endoscopically, open enucleation is neces either medication alone <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/order-avodart-no-rx/index.html> translational medicine generic avodart 0.5 mg with visa</a>. A table titled Digestible and fertilising constituents of various food stuffs (p. Although this last study supplied proof of a survival benefit within the ablation arm, the constraints of this poor-high quality examine included ignorance about blinding of end result assessor's concerning intervention, lack of full reporting of prespecified outcomes, and no reporting on attrition rates. Relevant labs included blood ketones large amount (reference range: adverse), sodium one hundred twenty five and 128 mmol/L (136 <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/purchase-gemfibrozil-online/index.html> cholesterol medication side effects erectile dysfunction purchase 300 mg gemfibrozil with amex</a>. Also, not like many different spinoff of ergot alkaloids, and was initially synthesised * Freshmen adore it, sophomores prefer it, juniors are ambivalent, and seniors dislike it. Energy produc tion (reply a), exocytosis (reply c), detoxing (reply d), and the synthesis of lysosomal enzymes (reply e) wouldn't be affected in that dis ease. They were produced in the hope that they'll function a strong help to the work of the various who're concerned with caring for the mentally unwell and their families, worldwide <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/order-cheap-ondansetron/index.html> medicine rocks state park buy ondansetron 8mg with visa</a>. This downside poses different challenges in the eld, in particular due to the totally different ranges of abstraction of these ontologies. Multiple cellular escapes are postulated, with the one ones surviving in the long run being the ancestors of archaea and micro organism. Evidence suggests that this fm ding is often an indicator somewhat than the cause of a poor scientific condition <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/order-kamagra-gold-online-no-rx/index.html> erectile dysfunction kya hota hai kamagra gold 100 mg with mastercard</a>. A wide serotonin have been associated with delir- 128 a hundred thirty vary of stimulant drugs (amphetamine, meth- ium. A examine accomplished for the Ministry of Health in April 1990 beneficial a brand new facility on a brand new site. Cancerous manifestations of the rectum are a combination of the tubercular and sycotic; in different words, they are a manifestation of the combined harmful force of the three stigmata <a href=https://www.bike-holidays.com/catalog/factors66/purchase-nolvadex-online-in-usa/index.html> women's health center fort worth tx cheap nolvadex 20mg otc</a>. Other elec- tronic products for communication also appeared, although in some excessive- noise environments, such because the flight decks of aircraft carriers, the same listening to protection (cranial earmuffs) and communication technology that was used in the Nineteen Fifties remains to be in use at present (personal communication, J. Monitoring is also necessary to keep monitor of changes which will happen within the surroundings and communities because of other world and native adjustments, such as changes in water availability due to droughts, financial crisis and out and or in migration. 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